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Hot Toddy For Cold & Flu

Yes, I am suggesting that you make an alcoholic beverage to help with your cold and flu symptoms. In fact, I also recommend that you make one even if you don't have cold or flu symptoms, because life is short and hot toddys are delicious. I found this recipe over the the Herbal Academy, so it feels extra legit to be used as a remedy. They tell me that "hot tea is soothing and the tannins offer some astringency which can help to tonify and astringe weepy tissues. The lemon is brightly flavored, as well as an expectorant, and can help cut through phlegm. Honey is sweet, soothing, vulnerary, and antimicrobial. Dark liquor adds complexity to the flavor as well as giving the beverage mild pain-relieving benefits. In short, this beverage is both delicious and effective."

Hot Toddy

1 black tea bag *I used decaf 1 mug of hot water 1 good glob of honey (to taste, I prefer about 1Tbsp) ¼ lemon 1 approximate ounce of dark liquor (bourbon, whiskey, or rum)

The first step is to brew your tea bag in the water for a few minutes.

After the tea has been brewed, remove and express the teabag.

Add one ounce of dark liquor (or less if it’s for a kiddo).

Squeeze the lemon wedge into the mug.

Sweeten with honey to taste.

Stir, and enjoy.


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