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Banh Mi Sliders

Banh Mi is essentially a submarine sandwich with a Vietnamese twist. They’re an amazing combination of French and Vietnamese ingredients, including baguette, pate or sliced pork, cilantro, pickled carrots and daikon, jalapeno, and mayo. Wikipedia tells me that in Vietnam they are a popular street food and are typically eaten for breakfast or a snack.

Bursting with fresh tasting ingredients and jam-packed with flavour, they’re a favourite around our house. This recipe is a riff on the classic sandwich. We’ve made it with both ground pork and ground chicken, both in a frying pan and on the BBQ, with one, two or all three of the pickled vegetables; you'll find this recipe is fairly forgiving and quite versatile. If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, these tofu banh mi sliders look delicious. If you want to cut down on the bread why not try lettuce wraps!?

Banh Mi Sliders

440g ground pork or chicken

½ cup shredded carrot

½ cup shredded daikon or hakurei turnip

1/3 cup half-moon sliced cucumber

2 cloves garlic or 1 large garlic scape minced

1 lime – zested and juiced, keep separate

1 bunch cilantro

3 Tbsp mayonnaise

Sriracha *optional

1 jalapeño sliced *optional

1 Tbsp brown sugar

3 Tbsp rice vinegar

1 Tbsp fish sauce

Buns, rolls, baguette, or lettuce leaves

In a medium bowl combine the carrots, daikon, cucumber, sugar, vinegar, fish sauce, and a large pinch of salt. Stir and set aside to marinate for at least 10 minutes.

Roughly chop half the bunch of cilantro leaves and stems, combine with the pork/chicken, garlic, and lime zest. Season with salt and pepper, mix well. Form mixture into 5-6, 1 inch thick patties.

If making in a pan, heat a generous drizzle of oil over medium heat. If using a BBQ, heat to medium and grease grill with an oiled paper towel.

Cook the patties for 3-5 minutes per side until cooked through.

Meanwhile in a small bowl combine the mayo, lime juice, and the sriracha sauce. Season with salt to taste.

Toast the rolls if desired.

Spread a layer of the lime mayo on the bottom of each roll, top with patties, marinated veggies, sprigs of cilantro, and finish with more mayo before topping with a bun. Or layer it all in lettuce wraps and enjoy!

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