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East India Gimlet

Someday soon, I'm going to take a better picture of this cocktail and re-post this blog entry. I have made this cocktail countless times and have finally decided to share it with you.

I debated for quite some time about sharing this recipe, as I try really hard to not post recipes on this blog that require special ingredients or maneuvers. This particular cocktail requires celery bitters, which aren't easy to find, but I assure you they're worth it! Plus, I'm going to blog about another cocktail soon which will change your life, for that you'll also need celery bitters. I think you could substitute celery bitters for a small handful of celery leaves and achieve something similar - it would definitely be worth a try.

Why East India? I really have no idea, but the second I saw the image and corresponding recipe for this cocktail I knew it would be love.

East India Gimlet

1 medium spring of dill + a tiny sprig to serve

1 wedge lime

1.5 oz London dry gin

1.5 oz Rose’s lime cordial

2 dashes celery bitters

Before you make the cocktail, douse a coupe glass in water and pop in the freezer for a few minutes.

Rip up the medium sprig of dill (an celery leaves if using) and put in a shaker with a squeezed lime wedge, the gin, celery bitters, and lime cordial.

Add ice to the shaker, cap it and shake hard. You want to chill the drink as quickly as possible and water it down to the absolute minimum.

Remove your glass from the freezer and fine-strain the drink into it. You may have to double strain if you want a perfectly clear cocktail, as the dill can get through the first strain. Garnish the drink with a small, fresh sprig of dill.

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