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Rhubarb & Rose Gin Cocktail

While perusing Food 52, which happens far more often than it should, I came across what looked to be a beautifully delicious cocktail. You know, like the ones you can only really get in trendy bars that specialize in super special cocktails; the kind of cocktails that cost $15 each and somehow taste infinitely better than they ever could at home. This is one of those cocktails and I totally made it at home. For those of you who like things fizzy, you have the option of adding some soda water right at the end.

Rhubarb and Rose Gin Cocktail

2 ounces gin

½ ounce lemon juice

½ ounce lime juice

2 ounces rhubarb syrup

1 ounce heavy cream

1 tsp rosewater

1 egg white


soda water *optional*

Combine all ingredients except ice and soda in a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously for 30 seconds. Then add ice to shaker and shake a further 30 seconds. Strain into a tall chilled glass and top with some soda water.

To make rhubarb syrup, cut a pound of rhubarb stalks into one-inch pieces and simmer for a half hour in 2 C water and 1 C sugar. Strain into a glass container with a lid and refrigerate.

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