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Fizzy Mango Kombucha

If like me, you like your kombucha flavoured and extra fizzy, second fermentation is for you. You can ferment your kombucha a second time with pretty much any fruit juice; cranberry, pomegranate, anything you want really, just try and use all natural fruit juice with no fillers. I did a second fermentation once with ginger juice, which was good, but it wasn’t sweet enough to get the fizz going. The kombucha feeds off of the sugar in the juice and there really isn’t much sugar in ginger, so if you’re going to go that way, make sure to add some sugar. For this recipe I used Mighty Mango Naked juice. I like swing top bottles best for second fermentation, but you can also repurpose kombucha bottles that you purchased from the store. If you would like to watch a video, I found this one helpful.

You’ll need

1 batch kombucha

Swing top bottles, clean

Fruit juice, I used mango

Start by pouring the juice you’ve chosen into the clean swing top bottle, you’re looking for a 20% ratio of juice to 80% kombucha (or 1/5 juice). Then pour in your kombucha, making sure to leave some room at the top of the bottle, about an inch if it’s a wide bottle or two inches if the neck is narrow. Leave the bottle on the counter, at room temperature for 12-24 hours. Then store in the refrigerator. Use caution when opening the bottle after second fermentation!

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